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Buy Iberian hams from Spain

In our online store you can buy Iberian hams from Spain of the highest quality and with the best guarantees. Enjoy the exquisite taste of the Iberian pig with our hams , loins and Iberian sausages .

Take advantage of our Iberian offers ! In our store, you will find irresistible sales prices in Iberian Extremadura.

Iberian products of Spain

Iberian products of Extremadura, online sale of hams protected by the appellation of origin Dehesa de Extremadura . Iberian loins and sausages (cular sausage, sausage, black blood sausage, spicy Iberian acorn sausage ...) products with the food stamp of Extremadura.

We also have Iberian products made in different parts of Spain, always verifying that they meet our demanding quality requirements. So that our customers can buy Iberians with the best guarantees .

Iberian hams

From our online store we sell the best quality Iberian hams. Depending on the annual availability, you can buy ham online from different existing categories. Acorn ham 100% Iberian , Iberian acorn ham, Iberian field bait ham and Iberian bait ham.

Within the Iberian hams, we find the following categories, identified according to the following seals.

  • Precinct Black : Acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham.
  • Red : Iberian acorn.
  • Precinct Green : for hams of Iberian bait.
  • Blanco : Iberian bait.

We also have cheaper hams that have been declassified by the norm of the acorn-fed Iberian (insufficient weight in montanera, genetic breaches ...) like Ham of Extremadura of Ham and Health.

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